Each artwork I make represents some aspect of my ongoing inquiry into the nature of creativity and creative consciousness. I am interested in the single human being as having creative potential that can and should be developed as part of society. Many works depict the inner challenges on this path of development. Themes of death and rebirth, suffering and transformation, and wisdom earned through pain point to such inward transformations, the development of creative possibility. I attempt to convey (and invite dialogue about) the archetypal, universal processes that comprise spiritual maturity, not for its own sake but instead in service to others.

While the images mean something quite specific to me, they often afford other interpretations, and I am especially happy when people interpret them in their own ways. Indeed, I consider my work successful when it touches something universal in the viewer. In that case, the viewer will always ascribe their own unique meaning to the work, and this meaning will be both unique to that person and somewhat universal in character. This is my aim: to invite us into a contemplation, interpretation, and consideration of the mysteries that unite us — especially those having to do with the development and strengthening of creative potential.