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Last year I worked on developing a consistent language in painting, similar to what I have already achieved in my drawing. All of these works have been completed in the last 12 months and represent my progress.


Musical Improvisation as a Training in Social Sculpture (MITSS) is a one-hundred panel artwork assembled in the shape of a diamond. The progression from left to white indicates a movement from simplicity, through complexity, into simplicity “on the other side of complexity.” This is how to create anything, from art to social realities.

Each panel measures approximately 11 x 14 inches and is painted in acrylic with four colors: white, hot pink, bright yellow, and electric blue.

Musical Improvisation as a Training in Social Sculpture (MITSS). 100 acrylic panels, each 11 x14 inches.

In the Lighthouse Key series, a number of small wooden wall sculptures represent the act of unlocking our own creative potential through inner development.

Lighthouse Keys. Wood & paint, each approx. 14 x 30 inches.