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After graduating from college, Jeff took an unusual detour into peace building and humanitarian work to learn how human creativity can help solve humanity’s toughest social challenges. A lucky break landed him a gig with Slovenia’s cultural ambassador Miha Pogacnik, with whom he organized and host festivals, multi-stakeholder dialogues, and other projects focused on postwar recovery and cultural renewal after the Bosnian war.  

In 2007, Jeff co-founded Reos Partners, a global consultancy that helps leaders from business, government, and civil society address complex social challenges. Jeff co-founded Magenta Studios in 2014 to continue this work in a different way. In these roles, Jeff has led, designed, managed, and otherwise supported leaders and positive change projects in over 20 countries. He’s worked on climate, energy, food, water, justice, race, indigenous rights, democracy, peace, drugs, child protection, and other issues, at all levels of power, from the community to the regional to the national and international.  

In 2018, Jeff began a second career as an artist. He is in the early stages of this career.

Jeff completed a bachelor’s degree in Art and Art History (BA) at Rice University (Houston) in 1993, the Consciousness Studies program at Rudolf Steiner College (Sacramento), a year-long course exploring the links between contemplative practice, scientific observation, and artistic work, in 1995, and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (MFA) from Maine College of Arts (Portland, Maine) in 2003.

He lives with fellow Magenta team mate and partner Louisa and their children in Northern California.